Baccarat: Easier Than You Think

If you have never played the Unibet casino game baccarat before you would be excused for thinking it was a complicated table game.

When you sit down to play you pit yourself against the banker/dealer, just like you do in blackjack. Both players are dealt two cards each. The first step is to add the value of these cards together. The only exceptions to the values you are used to coming across are that face cards count as 0 and Aces have a single value of 1. If the accumulation of these cards is to a double figure, you will take the final digit. For example, a 6 and a 5 would give you 11 in which you take the 1 at the end of the number.

After the opening round of cards, if your digit is five or below, you are required to take another from the pack. Once you reach six though, you must stand. The winner is player with the highest card at the end of the game. Obviously the best digit you can reach is 9, if you are lucky enough to dealt this or develop it, the banker can only tie with you at the very best.

The good thing about Baccarat is that you have one of three ways of placing a bet at the start of every game. Not only can you back your own hand being successful, but you are able to bet on the dealer’s coming out on top too. Both of the odds on these two selections are exactly the same. The final betting option to stake on is the tie. This doesn’t happen too often so this can be backed at 9/1.