Casino Chips Set – How to Choose a Good One

You cannot consider yourself a poker fan if you do not have a nice casino chips set in your house. Some also believe that same goes for cubans and a bottle of Jack Daniels, however it most likely would be extra. But you do have to have supplies if you want to play card games and do it with class. Nowadays you can buy casino chips set just about anywhere, however far not everywhere you can find the one that will combine quality, functionality and a good aesthetic value.

When it comes to the quality, you first of all need to look for durable materials and nice, clear images in the chips. Nowadays there are several main types of such, mind you plastic isn’t one of the quality products. One of the finest choices would be either clay and plastic chips or special, highly desired by all poker players out there, Paulson chips, which also contain plastic and clay, however additionally have several secret ingredients. This mixture is exactly what is used to make the stuff for most well-known houses.

When it comes to functionality then here the selection of values (you have to have at least six different ones) plays a big part, and  also the weight of a chip. It cannot be too light, otherwise they will be moved around just by your AC or ever-running kids. That’s why the chips that are made with plastic and clay have a little metal center to bring them up to about eleven grams each.  But it cannot be too heavy, so the entire casino poker set will stay quite mobile if needed. As a comparison, the clay only chip is thirteen and a half grams, while the Paulson ones weigh about nine, keeping themselves “grounded” by adding those secret materials. You’ll feel the difference once the whole set is in one case.