How to Cash Online Casino Chips

Those players who enter any online casino to win money, tend to wonder how they are going to withdraw their potentially won online casino chips. It might seem like it would be too early to think about that – first try and win, then worry how to cash out. However some casinos present a certain set of requirements to meet during the games, especially if they reward players with free online casino chips, before you can even proceed to cashing out. What are they? Well, each casino will have its own, exact requirements, but in most cases it will all boil down to having to wager till your bets reach a certain point.

Usually, the gambling sites will have a special section, which will keep you updated on how close you are getting to meeting a certain requirement, others will just inform you when it happens. If you are unsure at least a little bit do not rush to withdraw – you may lose a certain amount of the money/chips or even be left with nothing to withdraw. Contact the casino representative, either via the phone (one of those 1-800 number) or the chat, and ask some help with going over the status of your account in general and the bonus requirements in particular.

Once you are sure that you have played online casino games to satisfy everything needed, then you can turn your attention to the section where you can withdraw the money. Well, you won’t withdraw at that same point, but you will request it. This would be the point to indicate how much of what is present on your account you want transferred back. The casino will need time to prepare the transfer, so from the point you complete the request form there will be a 24 hour period before it all will be set to return to your bank account or paypal for example. The transfer can be cancelled during this period of time and you can always buy more online poker chips.

Another thing is that if this is your first time withdrawing your winnings from a particular casino, be prepared to be contacted by a casino to verify some information or provide additional copies of some documents. Once everything is confirmed and clear, such procedures won’t be done again. There is also a different amount of time needed before the money will actually arrive. This happens due to varied methods of payment, and can range from some hours and up to a week. Double check with the casino rep.